Trapezoidal bars and Nuts

Trapezoidal bars and Nuts


We manufacture precision rolled ACME screw bars in carbon steel and stainless steel from size Tr12x3 to Tr100x12 also multi-start with standard length of 1 or 3 m. We manufacture also a wide range of trapezoidal nuts, cylindrical and flanged shaped, in carbon steel and bronze. Also ACME screw and nut under drawing.

Trapezoidal bars and nuts manufactured by FRANCIA are quality 7e (trapezoidal bars) and 7H (nuts)
according to ISO 2903 (DIN 103).

Preliminary warnings

The lubrication of the screw is very important to maintain a good working and the long life of the unit. For this reason It must be always guarantee a clean layer of grease between screw and nut.